Electricity production started in Nepal with the construction of 500 kW Pharping Hydroelectric Plant in 1911. Though electricity production started in Nepal more than 100 years ago, Nepal has not been able to meet its energy demand. People are well aware that Nepal has high electricity production capacity through its rivers, but in the midst of […]

By April 2012, the Kyoto Protocol‘s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) registered its 4,000th project. CDM, the emergent market has facilitated numerous clean development projects and at present context, it is registered in 74 countries. Our neighboring country India aims to attain its certified emission reduction potential of wind energy to 86 billion by 2020. So […]

Sustainability being a subject of a greater concern today, one of the sustainable ways to generate electricity is wind energy. Wind energy has the minimal impact on the environment growing its popularity worldwide. Nevertheless, there are few public concerns over the power produced by wind. Noise produced by the spinning of the blade is one […]

Yes it is true; wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation available today. The first commercial-scale wind turbine was installed in the 1980s and the electricity cost was 30 cents per kilowatt-hour. This has now dropped significantly to an average of 5 euro cents per kilowatt-hour. Kudos to the technology innovations, […]

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” This quote does speak for our lack of awareness on the huge potential of 3000 MW of wind energy in Nepal while experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis. Under the SWERA Report (2008), an assessment carried out on the area within 10 km buffer zone from […]

Rapid technology development has ensued the wind energy industries. Since the commercial deployment of the first wind turbine of 15-meter diameter in the 1980s, the average size of wind turbines has grown by tenfold in the last 30 years. It is nearly 152 m today and the new extra large turbines could approach 305 m […]

Till date, very few attempts have been made to harness wind energy in Nepal. The first initiative was taken back in 1989, when two turbines of 10 kW were installed in Kagbeni, Mustang. Within three months of installation, the turbine blades were blown away by the gusty wind and sadly the project met an untimely […]