Word ‘hybrid’ is defined as a combination of two elements that produce a same or complementary results. In a rapidly advancing technological world we live in today, it is a strategic merger in order to achieve more effective solutions. In case of energy sector, hybrid systems have made significant innovative progressions over the past few […]

Do you have an innovative idea? Are you struggling to pilot your idea due to your financial situation? WindPower Nepal has been facing the same barriers when it comes to innovative ideas that has been internally generated by passionate and self-motivated staff members. We acknowledge that there exists lots of innovative ideas for businesses, projects […]

Nepal is currently reeling under acute fuel crisis due to undeclared economic blockade by India. Transportation and cooking are two main areas that have been severely affected due to the fuel shortages. Alternative sources of cooking fuels have become a crucial topic of research and investigation on an international scale and Nepal may require such […]

September 20, 2015 was a day of paradox in Nepal. Mixed emotions were up in the air; some celebrating and some creating havoc. This excitement was due to the establishment of their new Constitution. Although many people have accepted the Constitution to be the start of a new era, others have violently opposed it. Nepal […]

Before you think of setting up an off-grid wind project, you first need to figure out if an area has ample wind speed. So, there comes the initial site selection which involves extensive desk-based studies to determine whether the sites satisfy all the required technical and environmental criteria such as road access, local community consent, and […]