Nepal has seen a rapid interest on large scale solar by project developers over the last year. Department of Electricity Development (DOED) has issued solar projects closed to 500 MW over the last year. Yet, we are just at the start of this solar revolution. Hence, there is a huge potential currently in Nepal and […]

In Nepal, around 35% of the population still do not have access to grid electricity. And due to the tough mountainous terrain, it is technically and economically challenging to lay conventional on-grid electricity system in every corner of the country. Hence, micro-grids could be the only viable option for these remote and isolated communities. Micro-grids […]

There are many reasons why solar PV panels may not work at their rated performance level. Lack of proper solar radiation in cloudy days, soiling (dust and dirt being collected on solar panels), snow on the panels, sun-tracking losses, shading losses are some of the factors that affects makes the panels to under perform.  While factors such […]

Managing solid waste is one of the major challenges of urbanization. Municipalities tolerate the burden of provision of basic services such as water supply, electricity, wastewater treatment, and municipal solid waste management. A case study of three municipalities – Hetauda, Damak and Birtamod – in Terai region show municipal solid waste management scenario, practice and […]

Many countries have implemented Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) into their energy development plans, which are policy instruments designed to promote rapid deployment of renewable energy (RE) technologies by rewarding energy providers. Though these tariffs are not anything new or cutting-edge, they have proven to accelerate investment in RE technologies through the offering of long-term contracts to […]

Solar technology has emerged as a reliable source of energy in the Nepalese energy market. Being the cleanest and most profuse renewable energy source available, it is practically free and emits absolutely no harmful by products. At WPN, we imagined a solar system that you could take with you on the go. Whether it be a […]

With the lack of wind assessment and successful precedent cases, Nepal is reluctant to invest in new wind generation projects wasting all the wind potential hidden in the Himalayan Mountains. Considering the rate of development of the technology and new community business models in the rural and remote areas it is high time to give […]

On-grid solar project commonly refers to the project generating electricity from Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system connected to the utility grid. It consists of solar panels, one or more inverters and a grid connection equipment. Since, it does not use batteries, it is cheaper as using them would increases the initial capital and affect the rate in […]

Nepal needs to graduate from hydro dependence and achieve a healthy energy mix employing different renewable electrification methods on grid.