Portable Solar Kit for Mountaineering Expedition

Monday, December 12, 2016
Wind Power
This project was a prototype built for a mountaineering expedition team to provide reliable electricity from solar energy. As the expedition team would have to move camp from one location to another, with unpredictable weather and very cold temperatures, we had to design a system that was portable, durable and easy to use.
After initial consultation with the expedition group, we drafted various ideas on how to build a suitable system capable of fulfilling the energy needs of the various expedition equipment. This involved using multiple combinations of solar modules and batteries. Since the system needed to be as portable as possible, weight and mobility were crucial factors that had to be taken into account for the system design. Due to limitations in the Nepalese market for lightweight solar modules and batteries, the system was designed accordingly to the availability of locally available resources.
Taking mobility and the client’s energy demands into account, we decided to build an 80W solar module system with a 42Ah capacity battery storage unit. Every connection within the system was linked by DC connectors which made the entire system plug-and-play and completely foolproof. The entire system, except solar PV and battery, was housed in a waterproof casing to tackle harsh weather conditions.

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