Pratik Raj Khadka

Pratik Raj Khadka is a graduate of Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy Technology from Kathmandu University. Pratik joined WindPower Nepal in August 2019 as Renewable Energy Officer.

Pratik is very enthusiastic about Renewable Energy Technologies. He has worked in “Design and Life Cycle Assessment of 1MW Utility Scale Solar PV System” in his final year project and handles various renewable energy related projects at WindPower Nepal. His interest mainly revolves around challenges in the field of energy like Energy Access, Energy Storage, etc. He is an avid enthusiast of Renewable Energy Technologies and has experiences in Solar PV systems, Wind resource mappings, Wind Power technologies, etc. He is easy to work with, amicable in nature, fun-loving and a very good team player.

Prior to working in WPN, he has worked as an Intern in various Grid-Tied Solar Energy projects through SunFarmer Nepal. While in SunFarmer he worked from design, field data acquisition to handover of about 500KW of different Grid-Tied Solar PV systems.