ON-GRID SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS On-grid solar photo-voltaic (PV) farms refer to utility grid-connected solar energy systems.  They consist of solar panels, mounting arrangements,  one or more inverters and grid connection equipment. In addition, such systems could have maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, battery backup, and solar trackers for maximum power output from the plant. […]

WindPower Nepal is a registered company through AEPC working on the Solar Subsidy Program. WPN will assist in all government procedures to obtain grants for the installation of solar systems for households and government institutions such as schools and hospitals. The following documents are required for getting subsidies, all of which will be carried out by […]

WPN is selling portable maintenance-free residential solar kits with built-in FM radio and music player for lighting and charging electric devices such as mobile phones. Specifications: 10 W solar panel 7 Ah lead acid battery 12 V output voltage 3 W LED lightbulbs (x2) Charging time: 10-12 hours by solar, 7-8 hours by AC adapter Lighting […]

WPN worked on a project alongside WWF for the installations of solar water pumping systems in Banke, Bardiya and Nepalgunj. The designing of solar water pumping was started in October 2016 and installation and commissioning of the project was completed by November 2017.