Lead-Acid Battery Reconditioning

Wednesday, December 12, 2016
Wind Power
Most of the households in urban areas of Nepal have inverter and battery storage as a power backup solution. Lead-acid technology are the most commonly used batteries, which usually have a manufacturer warranty period of 4-5 years. Hence, the batteries are usually replaced by new ones once they cross the warranty period. Replacing new batteries not only cost extra money, but also undermine the reuse value of the old batteries, which the households usually sell as a scrap. Instead of buying new batteries right away, the old batteries could be reconditioned and used for another year or two. This way it would save money for households.
Though battery reconditioning is a proven technology and has had much success across part of USA and Europe, it is yet to be common in Nepal. Hence, WPN has launched battery reconditioning research and development (R&D) program in its office. Initial R&D showed that the technology works well and that we were able to light up bulbs from an essentially dead battery that was picked up from a scrap yard.
Initial study suggests that it costs about NRs. 40/Ah to service your battery using this method, which is relatively cheap, and you will get your battery working for up to another year. If you are to service a 200 Ah battery for example, then it would cost you roughly NRs 8000 which shows a saving of nearly NRs. 30,000 if you were to opt into buying a new battery of the same capacity.
Note: If you would like to recondition your battery or want to learn more about our Battery Reconditioning service then please email us at info@windpowernepal.com or call us at +977-1-5524646.

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