Captive Solar Generation Potential at The International Mountain Museum, Pokhara

Monday, December 12, 2016
Wind Power
WPN had carried out a feasibility study to assess the solar PV power generation potential at the International Mountain Museum (IMM) in Pokhara.
The IMM is located in Gharipatan, Pokhara, and spans across 105 ropanis (13.2 acres) of land. The facilities available in the museum include a library, souvenir shop, restaurant, wall climbing center and a garden area. Museum consumes around 3000 kwh of electricity per month, and furthermore, it also uses a 62.5kVA diesel generator during the powercuts to meet its electricity demand, which is another 1850 kwh per month, with total monthly electricity consumption being 4850 kwh.
After having studied the power consumption demand of the Museum, its solar PV power generation potential was assessed. Though the museum has lots of free spaces, only certain areas that the museum might deem not necessary for any other purpose, i.e. area available immediately for solar PV installation, were considered for the calculation. It was found that a solar micro-grid system of a total capacity around 666 kWp could be installed, just by utilizing rooftop spaces, parking lot and an open area. Since IMM could generate more solar power than it can consume, there is an option to sell the surplus electricity either to the national grid or nearby facilities. SOS Herman Gmeiner School, Himalayan Eye Hospital, Housing colony and the Shangri-La Village Resort are all within the vicinity of the IMM that could be potential consumers of the surplus electricity generated from the solar PV plant at the IMM.

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