5MW on-grid Solar project

Monday, January 01, 2017
Wind Power
“5MW on-grid solar farm project in Tanahun district ”
WindPower Nepal prepared a desk study report for a 5MW on-grid solar project planned in Belchautara, Tanahun, which has been submitted to the Department of Electricity Development Board (DoED) for a survey license application. The project is being developed by a Nepali company called Solar Farm Pvt Ltd, with a goal to sell the generated electricity to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the state utility.
WPN had carried out a prefeasibility study and concluded that the proposed site is suitable for solar PV plant installation. With abundant land area availability and fitting topography, Belchautara Solar Farm has a capability of producing up to 11.3 GWh electricity annually from a 5 MW solar farm. By using sophisticated software and innovative technology available in the market, WPN engineers were able to harvest a significant amount of energy, and simulation through various software showed that the solar PV plant was feasible.

2 thoughts on “5MW on-grid Solar project

  1. Glad to see these research in Nepal. A few years back, I was working on feasible studies in wind power in some districts and I found it so interesting. Currently, I am working for a Telecom company in Canada and trying to find some sponsors who can support me in developing the wind farms that can be used for our own people.

    I truly believe, you people will succeed in what you are doing. Great indeed.

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