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“Upgradation of Mini-Grid Project”

Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood (GoN) has selected WindPower Nepal to conduct “Feasibility Study for Upgradation of Solar Mini-grid Projects in Harkkapur, Okhaldhunga District and ...

Wind Resource Assessment

WPN has undertaken the task of design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of 60m Wind Met Mast Systems at two locations (Hoksekot Rurral ...
WPN is part of the CAPSEM (Capacity building in Sustainability and Environmental Management) Project, which aims to create a multi-regional network for knowledge exchange and capacity ...
WPN is currently engaged in carrying out a pre-feasibility study of a possible wind farm development in the Kagbeni region. With a reputation for high ...

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“Waste Problem to Solution”

Managing solid waste is one of the major challenges of urbanization. Municipalities tolerate the burden of provision of basic services such as water supply, electricity, wastewater...


Implementing Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs in Nepal

Many countries have implemented Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) into their energy development plans, which are policy instruments designed to promote rapid deployment of renewable energy (RE) technologies...


How to Build Your Own Portable Solar Kit

Solar technology has emerged as a reliable source of energy in the Nepalese energy market. Being the cleanest and most profuse renewable energy source available, it...


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📣 #Call_For_Papers TYPES OF RENEWABLE ENERGY: ------------------------------------------------- 1) Wind energy: the energy obtained from the wind 2) Solar energy: the energy obtained from the sun. The main technologies here are solar photovoltaic (using the light from the sun) and solar thermal (using the sun’s heat) 3) Hydraulic or hydroelectric energy: energy obtained from rivers and other freshwater currents 4) Biomass and biogas: energy extracted from organic material Geothermal energy: heat energy from inside the Earth 5) Tidal energy: energy obtained from the tides 6) Wave energy: energy obtained from ocean waves 7) Bioethanol: organic fuel suitable for vehicles and obtained from fermentation of vegetation 8) Biodiesel: organic fuel for vehicles, among other applications, obtained from vegetable oils ------------------------------------------------------- The International Journal of Environmental Science & Sustainable Development (#ESSD) Is calling for #Manuscripts for its third issue, For submission & inquiries, please contact us through the following: 🌐 Journal official link: ✉️ Journal Email: #IEREK #IEREKPress